Real-Time Process Analyzers

SpecIQ® laser-based process analyzer nodes are rugged, miniature process analyzers developed for use without a shelter. The products are designed to improve process control and reduce off-spec production by enabling placement closer to the process and allowing real-time analyzer data to enter the control loop sooner. Initially designed to monitor fighter jet oxygen generation systems, SpecIQ products are built from the inside out for autonomous use in rugged environments. Sporian’s proprietary spectrometer and excitation technologies allow the products to acquire chemical signatures on a fraction of the power required for sheltered analyzers and eliminate the need for sample preparation, enabling use at the edge.

These analyzers are in late-stage development, and Sporian is seeking partners to help prove the product in operational environments.

Raman Spectroscopy Process Analyzer Device Image

CERS Process Analyzer Node

The CERS analyzer node is a low-profile analyzer that uses cavity-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (CERS) at the edge to rapidly identify chemicals. The product can help olefin, chemical, and gas processors improve on-spec production by enabling faster entry of analyzer data into the DCS loop.

Brochure (2.6MB PDF)

Application Note - Molten Salts (PDF)
Application Note - Molten Chloride Salts (PDF)
Application Note - Molten Nitrate Salts (PDF)
Application Note - FGD Wastewater Characterization (PDF)
Application Note - Fuel Gas (PDF)

Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) Process Analyzer Node Device Image

SERS Process Analyzer Node

The SERS process analyzer node uses surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) and powerful processing capabilities to detect chemicals. The product may be used to analyze ingredient chemicals through plastic packaging and in a range of media, making it useful for pharmaceutical and food processing quality control applications.