Spectral Analyzers

SpecIQ® spectral sensors are a class of low-cost, real-time analyzers for process monitoring in energy, defense, agriculture, construction, and industrial applications. Leveraging Sporian’s harsh environment packaging technologies, custom firmware development, and dedicated signal conditioning, these analyzers provide valuable spectral information on signatures of interest.

Sporian can customize these systems to fit many application requirements including hand held, UAV mounted, and inline form factors. Contact us directly to learn more.

SpecIQ Raman Spectral Analyzers

SpecIQ Raman analyzers enable rapid, real-time gas composition characterization. Sporian's products can contribute to improved fuel efficiency/performance and reduce unplanned downtime, delivering cost savings.

SpecIQ for Hyperspectral Imaging

SpecIQ hyperspectral analyzers enable real-time materials detection and identification, promoting quicker and more accurate decision making based on data.