High-Temperature Sensors

ThermIQ® pressure, flow, temperature, vibration, and position sensors can enable the next generation of control, monitoring, and digitization in critical industrial assets. Proven for use up to 1,200°C (1,600°C in some cases) and driven by Sporian’s ceramic and signal processing IP, the products can enhance performance and availability in combustion, reaction, and molten media assets. Sporian can meet many of the specialty sensing needs of industrial operators and support the development requirements of OEMs and control integrators. Contact us directly to learn more.

ThermIQ for Aerospace

ThermIQ sensors enable advanced combustion and compressor control for aerospace turbines. Sporian's products can contribute to improved fuel efficiency/performance and reduce unplanned downtime, delivering cost savings.

ThermIQ for Industrial Combustion

ThermIQ sensors enable advanced control, monitoring, and digitization in power generation and mechanical drive gas turbines, burner systems, and other combustion assets.

ThermIQ for Liquid Media

ThermIQ liquid media sensors improve control and on-spec production in applications involving very hot process flows and high-pressure reactions.